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One image or many - Show them all with the Dynamic Image Gallery, via a simple single link!

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Travel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire gallery Travel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire galleryMany of us, my humble self among them, wanted at this point or another to publish pictures to their websites on the Internet.

Whether a professional or an amateur, we all quickly realized that publishing images on the Internet is a heavy duty, time consuming task. A mission that presents serious challenge to your patient and skills...

One publishing attempt is enough to risk your sanity and your nerve system all together...

  • First you need to optimized your monsters images that you've just downloaded from your digital camera.

  • Then you need to create HTML pages and insert the images onto them.

  • Then you need to create links to all those pages so your visitors will be able to see it.

Travel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire galleryTravel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire galleryA lot of work.

I know that from a personal experience: I had to load 1000s of images on websites for my clients.

So we have created a solution for this kind of job: the Dynamic Image Gallery.

All we do now is tell it where the images are saved, and it will automatically build a wonderful Image Gallery out of it, and show it in the browser.

The "Dynamic" stands for the ability of the Dynamic Image Gallery to Dynamically build Image Gallery, based on the images it finds in a folder.

In another words, after the initial setup, if you have more images to show, you simply upload it to a folder on your website, or visa versa, if you want to hide few images - remove it from that folder.

Travel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire galleryTravel with your mouse on the image to see the Zoom. Click to see the entire galleryNo need to rewrite any code. The Dynamic Image Gallery dynamically show all the images it finds in a folder!

A full details and documentation for the Dynamic Image Gallery is detailed in this website.

Just underneath you can see some of websites who are enjoying the Dynamic Image Gallery,

I'd like to emphasize this: A single link needed to be created to show those galleries. NO CODE HAD TO BE WRITTEN in order to show you these images.

The thumbs page, the automatic resize are dynamically created, and are parts of the Dynamic Image Gallery.

Don't fool your self: This is a professional and excellent solution, designed to serve entry level authors, as well as professional webmasters. Use it as is, or have it fully customized.

As you may notice from the Image Galleries above, the Dynamic Image Gallery is solving another "forever problem" with images: It will automatically resize the images to fit the monitor's resolution or the area that you assign for it on the screen.

You need not to wary anymore about how your images will fit in different screen resolutions: The Dynamic Image Gallery detects the screen resolution of each visitor, and dynamically resize your images to fit the screen without clipping the image.

No clipped images, and no compromise in the size of the pictures (if you want to keep them large) to accommodate visitor with smaller monitors: Keep your images LARGE for fast computers with large monitors, and the Dynamic Image Gallery will fit it to the guys with the smaller monitors. How about it!

To sum all the above, we have here a slick script that wants to know where your images are saved, and return a wonderful, styled, customizable Image Gallery. Now you tell me: Is that a deal or what?

The common of all those is that once the basic setup is done, (it takes about 15 minutes,) all that needed to be done is to upload a folder with images, and create one link, regardless of how many images they wanted to show!

Follow the steps below to get an idea how simple it is to show your images using the Dynamic Image Gallery:

  1. Optimize all your images for web compatibility: under 100kb and 800 x 600.

  2. Create a thumbs version of your images in a subfolder thumbs.

  3. Upload the folder with the images to your site.

  4. Create a link to the ImageGallery.php and pass the location of the folder with your images as parameter...

That is all what the guys who are using the Dynamic Image Gallery had to do, to get the galleries shown above.

The Dynamic Image Gallery comes in a ZIP file that includes detailed instructions about the entire process:

  1. How to setup the Dynamic Image Gallery on your website.

  2. How to create a batch file in PhotoShop that will optimize your images and will create a thumb version of your images for you, while you are having coffee.

  3. How to create the links that will open the Dynamic Image Gallery and details about the different options.

  4. How to effortlessly create a thumbs page in a "semi automatic" method, which will enable you to enter large number of thumbs in a short amount of time.

It all sum to this:

The Dynamic Image Gallery is a useful tool that provide great help in solving a heavy duty problem: Showing images on website on the Internet.

It comes with comprehensive documentations, that teaches you few techniques that are useful even if you'll never use the Dynamic Image Gallery itself.

Along with the Dynamic Image Gallery you'll find 3 goodies

  • Number 1: is the price - $6 only. For only $6 you'll get the Dynamic Image Gallery and its rich documentations that includes a few very useful tips

  • Number 2: The entire PHP code so you can customize it.

  • Number 3: The warranty. If you do not like the Dynamic Image Gallery - remove it from your computer and website and let us know. Will refund your money in full.

See Documentations and download