Duvet Covers, Comforter Sets, Bedding EnsemblesHo to use the ZoomImage?

Simple, Follow the steps below:

1. Create /ZoomImages in your website and save this entire folder in it. Files are:

  1. Readme.txt
  2. MiniWind.htm
  3. Zoom.js
  4. Rider-Jumps.jpg (This is the small version)
  5. Subfolder ZoomImages
  6. In subfolder ZoomImages file Rider-Jumps.jpg (This is the large version)

2. Call http://YorSize/ZoomImages/index.htm and see if it works.

4. If yes - you are one lucky guy. If not - see where you've made a mistake...

To use in your site:

1. Create 2 version of your images:
  1st, any "displayable" size you want that can feet a web page, like 200 x 400.
  2nd, a LARGE one, like 728 x 1024. (Not to LARGE or it will take forever to load.)

2. Save the small ones anywhere, like in /images.

3. Save the LARGE ones in /ZoomImages/ZoomImages

4. Add the small images to your HTML page. The <IMG> tag shoul look like this:
  src="Type-full-URL-to-the-image-here" border="0"
  alt="Duvet Covers, Comforter Sets, Bedding Ensembles">

4. Add the below line right before the </head> line
  <script src="/ZoomImages/Zoom.js"></script>

5. PUBLISH the page

6. Call it and see if it works.

7. Work? Smile. Don't work? Go to step 1, and do EXACTLY what it say!