Dynamic Image Gallery - How to link it?

There are several option about how to call the dynamic image gallery.

First, lets take a look on the different parameters that can be passed to it:

NOTE: All parameters are lower case. Values are CasE SensitivE!

Parameter Name Value
folder The folder where the thumbs are saved, or pass the location of one of the images inside the thumbs folder.

1: folder=images/Trip-to-Alaska/thumbs
2: folder=images/Trip-to-Alaska/thumbs/sunset.jpg

NOTE: No / after the thumbs in sample #1 !!!

noresize If you pass this keyword, the gallery will not resize the main window when it is opening.

Use it when you open the gallery in the same window as the rest of your website, or when the Dynamic Image Gallery is the source of <iFrame> so it will not change the size and location of the browser.

If you do not pass it, the Dynamic Image Gallery will resize the browser to 90% width and 90% height of the monitor, and center it.

returnto A Page that will be opened upon click on the  button. The  will be visible only if you pass this parameter.

Use it to allow the user to return to a specific page.

1: returnto=JavaScript:history.go(-1) (This is similar to click on the Back button of the browser.)
2: returnto=http://www.google.com (This will send the user to Google.com)

close If you include close, a close button will be visible and will allow the visitor to close the Dynamic Image Gallery window.
blank This will open a blank Dynamic Image Gallery.

Use it to check how the Dynamic Image Gallery looks when you develop your website.

Examples: ImageGallery.php?folder=Image-Gallery/thumbs&noresize&returnto=ImageGallery.php





There are 2 ways to call the Dynamic Image Gallery:

  1. Call it from a normal link. Example:
       <a href="ImageGallery.php?folder=Image-Gallery/thumbs&blank">Regular Link</a>
      Regular link, will open the Dynamic Image Gallery in the current browser. This is good for those who does
      not  like opening windows from their website.
      You keep all the menus and bars, who are taking considerable amount of space, and leaves smaller area
      to show the images.
  2. Call it from a Java Script (The is provided.) Example:
     <a href="JavaScript:openGallery('ImageGallery.php?folder=Image-Gallery/thumbs&blank')">Script Link</a>
      In this mode the Dynamic Image Gallery is using 90% of the available monitor area to show your images.
      This means that your images will be shown on a much larger size and will be easier to view.

So now that we are familiar with the different parameters and different options to call the Dynamic Image Gallery, lets see some examples:

Assuming that our images are saved in /images/Trip-To-Alaska, here is how to call:

  1. Open the Dynamic Image Gallery in same window:
  2. Open the Dynamic Image Gallery from a JavaScript:
  3. Open the Dynamic Image Gallery from a JavaScript with a close button:

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